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How I began investing in P2P lending platforms

When we are little we learn how the world works. Some things we experience for ourselves, some things we only see or hear about, but in either case they form our world view, our core beliefs, and we rarely reexamine them once we grow up - unless an external factor forces us to.

One of these unquestionable truths for me was the fact that I'd have to work until I reached retirement age. Growing up here in Riga, the only wealthy people I saw were dirty politicians and some businessmen. I knew I didn't want to be one of them so that was that. Once Latvia joined the EU in 2004, many people left for the UK and other countries to seek wealth, but I never heard anyone say they wanted to save up money and retire before reaching the age of 50. I don't think I was even aware of the concept.

All that changed late last year when I picked up a book called "Money - Master the Game" by Tony Robbins. I don't recommend this book to you but it did talk about early retirement and, by doing so, changed my whole mindset regarding money. I was skeptical at first, thinking only rich people in the USA could save up that much money, but then I ran my own numbers and realized I could do it too. This realization and my decision to try was almost life-changing.

The only problem was that cheap index funds, the standard investment recommendation, were not available in Latvia, and so I found P2P lending. In some ways it's riskier than the stock market but I find that I really like the platforms, especially Mintos. I'm betting on diversification to protect me from big losses.