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Mintos interest rates have slowly begun to recover

My strategy on Mintos lately has been either to withdraw funds or to invest them in short-term loans that offer at least a 10% interest rate. There were a few weeks when almost no such loans were available (hence the withdrawals), but now the rates for some short-term loans have increased even to 11%.

There are some ExpressCredit loans available with a 12% rate but I don't invest in those because they are 5-6 years long. ExpressCredit was offering 15% for the same kind of loans in spring so I'm hoping the rates will increase further in the coming weeks, maybe to 13-14%. Then I'll consider buying them again.

My Mintos XIRR is at 18.78% currently. The reason it hasn't fallen more is that I was able to sell some of my 15% loans that were more than 30 days late with a 2-3% mark-up. I hope there are some more cashback campaigns in the future because buying those loans in the primary market and selling them in the secondary market can generate some nice profit.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I've been shifting a lot of money to Envestio. They've had a lot of new projects recently, most of them offering an interest rate above 20%, and I can't withstand such temptation well. I know it's very risky but 37.2% of my P2P money is in Envestio now. That's even more than in Mintos! I don't know how that happened but, well, I figure it's okay for now since the total amount I have in P2P platforms (7,671 €) is relatively low. If the total was something like 50,000 € I definitely wouldn't invest such a large percentage in an unknown platform.