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May 2019 update – I’ve added Crowdestor

During the last months, I've continued to invest in business loans with high interest rates. I've got three platforms for this - Envestio, Kuetzal, and Crowdestor. Together they contain about half of all my P2P money.

Envestio seems somewhat stabilized recently. The rates are down to 16-17% and some projects even stay available for more than an hour, meaning you have time to log in and invest in them. All the payments so far have been on time, there hasn't been even a single delay (that I'm aware of). Some people find this suspect but I choose to believe that this is proof that the Envestio team is really good at choosing the projects. Besides, neither Kuetzal nor Crowdestor have had any late payments either so I guess that's the norm for this kind of platforms.

The interest rates on Mintos have been going up so that's more good news. Currently the max is 15.1% so it's a good time to wire over some money. I don't invest in loans by Dinero but I have some Metrokredit, Monego, Kredo, and Cashwagon, for example.

My one platform that doesn't look so good at the moment is Viainvest. It seems they don't have enough loans. My auto invest is configured only for Polish 11% loans and it ran just fine until a week ago. Let's hope this is just a temporary phase. I want to keep this platform in my portfolio for diversification purposes.

Peerberry started out as another platform for short-term-loans but they've added a lot more options during the last year. I think there have been three real estate loans (11% with a buyback guarantee) and also many car loans. I recently realized that all my money is tied up in these long-term-loans so I don't have to worry about reinvesting it.